“Hold Him by Whom you and all things are held together”
(Clare of Assisi, Third Letter to Agnes of Prague)

The aim is to reconnect people with their living body.
Our body is our sensibility.
Only thanks to our body we are connected with the real reality, for our body is what makes us real.
The body is sensible: it can enjoy life, but is also capable of suffering pain.

The human body is distinguished into nine activities.
The activities are being elaborated in practices.
Practices lead to sensual perceptions.
Sensual perceptions form the horizon against which the words and the world are being understood.

On this website some examples from previous projects are being presented.
The possibility is offered to add your own sensual perceptions.
The sources of this project are St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi.
Just as the body offers access to reality, these practices offer a new key to their writings. Words are nearer when performed.


In the Lent of 2013, from 13 February untill 30 March, a course in bodily spirituality is offered in Tilburg (Netherlands).