The body

When the human body is approach as a corps, it confronts us with the death that we bear in us.
But our body is also, and more important, our the realization of our life.
In fact, we are constantly bringing forth death and life. This project intends to strengthen life.

"He who does not become angry or disturbed at anyone lives correctly without anything of his own." (Francisc of Assisi, Admonition 11)

Our body is not a thing, but a series of activities. As a body we are somewhere at a certain time: always and necessarily here and now. As a body we are in intimate and breathing contact with our environment. This interference is so strong that it is impossible to separate our body from our environment: we are part of it. 

The activities realize our body in a threefold way: as a place or locus, as a medium and as an image. These three realizations of our body each have three forms, so that nine activities can be distinguished.


Body as locus

1. Being - being present
2. Breathing - going in and out
3. Growing - bearer


Body as medium

4. Moving - vehicle
5. Perceiving - sense
6. Working - instrument


Body as image

7. Following - example
8. Mirroring - recognition
9. Image of God - communion